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Footballverse Dressing Room
21.Apr.12@ 07:04 pm - Graphics Big Bang
Here are 5 wallpapers I made for the Graphics Big Bang:

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animals-bunny in basket
21.Apr.12@ 05:18 pm - Writing Big Bang
Modrić/Pavlyuchenko and PG-13 at most unless stated otherwise. Health themes.

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team wingers
jalkapallo, jalkapallo2
19.Apr.12@ 06:47 pm - Challenge #33: Writing Big Bang
Title: Boys of Summer
Disclaimer: This doesn't belong to me.
Characters: Unnamed
Rating: PG
Word Count:1583
A.N: For the footballverse challenge #33, Season 7.

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02.Apr.12@ 06:07 pm - Challenge #32: Graphics Big Bang
So, I tried to make wallpapers with team crests that people seemed to like. If you have a team, and I didn't make on for it, just let me know.

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I thought i'd post some of the historical facts of the club and add my point of view :)

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Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Part 2

This part is all about the pictures. They certainly do tell a story. I'll start with a .gif of David Luiz and Fernando Torres and then continue with a picspam.


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animals-bunny in basket
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